Welcome to the studio! 

The NOTABLE MUSIC STUDIO, located in North Stonington, CT, currently offers individual lessons in piano, guitar, and ukulele.  We also offer group classes for homeschoolers, theory classes, recitals and a great summer music program!  Contact us at 860-235-4797 or notablemusicstudio@sbcglobal.net!

 Coming this fall!  Registration is now open!!

Accelerando Acres
A year long practice incentive program designed to keep your kids practicing with enthusiasm!

 Accelerando Acres offers mountains, valleys, lakes, pastures and even an ocean front full of fun musical activities.  Students travel around the acres via train and work to upgrade to faster models.  All along the way, students also earn "character tags" as they build their musicality!   This incentive is all around the studio so it's quite a train ride!  


The Studio Lab has some new and exciting updates including an additional iPad, Apple TV, and apps galore!  Our digital piano is all ready for loads of work with Garage Band and for making recordings. We've even added a super fun practice app that has kids practicing like CRAZY!!

Music Exploration and Piano Preparation for pre-schoolers!   KiddlyKeys is a fresh and innovative approach to teaching piano and music exploration to young children.  Engaging, energetic and highly educational, the KiddyKeys program focuses on the piano, teaching music concepts and music appreciation to young children.  It's a great way to prepare children for school or for future piano lessons!

The studio has a few more spots for new students so be sure to give us a call!


Feel free to contact the studio through this link, by phone at 860-235-4797 or through email at notablemusicstudio@sbcglobal.net .