Welcome to the studio! 
The NOTABLE MUSIC STUDIO, located in North Stonington, CT, currently offers individual lessons in piano,   guitar, ukulele and voice.  We also have group lessons, recitals and a great summer music program!

 The studio's practice incentive program this year is Catch Me If you Can!  A fun year-long game fashioned after the game of CLUE.  Students will visit 9 rooms - Staff Spa, Notation Nursery, Musicality Conseratory, Technique Theater, Rhythm Rec Room, Performance Parlor, Dynamics Dining Room, Ear Training Gym and the Melodic-Harmonic Hallway!  Challenges in each room lead to clues that students each use to try and determine the Composer, the music tool he used and what room he used it in!

The studio Computer Lab is in full swing!  Students have the opportunity to take advantage of  learning through this lab.  There are fun games to reinforce note identification, interval recognition, rhythm, scales, etc.  There are also listening challenges to encourage ear training and recognition of pieces written by famous composers we are studying.  The studio also has music notation software so we're working on creating our own "masterpieces"!

We've also been working on our second recordings and students are getting ready to present their parents with their own CDs this Christmas!  


Feel free to contact the studio through this link, by phone at
860-235-4797 or through email at notablemusicstudio@sbcglobal.net .